Underdogs Get Hungry Too!

As a professional athlete sometimes your career gets set back from injuries, your own personal battles or simply just not being good enough during a certain period of time. It’s okay to fail! It’s okay to be told no! It’s okay to take some time to work on your own growth! I truly believe when the time is right, it will come. I’ve personally gone through what I just mentioned above and I’m more than happy to say that I am back on track where I want to be. In a few months I will be playing back in one of the top leagues in the world for women’s soccer. This was one of my personal goals going into 2016. If I didn’t take some risks and didn’t believe I could do it again I would have never been able to achieve it. The mind is a very powerful tool. If you use it correctly, nothing or nobody can stop you from achieving what you want. If you’re sitting on your ass right now and not happy with where you’re in your life, go do something about it. Actions speak louder than words.

leicester city

Leicester City F.C Premier League Champions 2015/2016

One very inspiring event this year that was said to also be one of the biggest sporting upsets ever in history was this shocking victory above. Leicester just got promoted to the Premier league after winning their 2013-2014 in the second highest league in England and decided to go ahead and win their first Premier league championship this year.  Who would have thought? Prior to this their second closest run at a championship was from 1928-1929 where they finished second in the top division.

Note: For all of those people who told you that you couldn’t do something, be a Leicester player and hold up your trophy proud when you prove them wrong. Whether its finally getting that job you’ve always wanted, that man or woman of your dreams or that dream car or house that you’ve been saving up for.


I have two and a half weeks left here in Israel and I’m only one win away next Sunday from also making history and bringing my current team to their first Championship ever!  With two games left everything is now in our hands and as a foreign player it is my responsibility to show everyone where the hell I came from…Canada!

Underdogs get hungry too.






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