Two wins away from winning a Championship

This week was quite an entertaining one between the playoffs and celebrating Passover with teammates. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playoffs the past couple of weeks in particular. Here in Israel once every team has played each other twice during the first segment of season, the top 5 teams are selected to play against each other another two times in the playoffs. The points collected by the top 5 teams during playoffs are added on to the points each team collected during the first segment of season and the team with the most points ends up with the championship. In my opinion this is a strange concept of playoffs, but I guess not every league works the same. We won our 5th playoff game 3-0 with one man down against a team that has beaten every other team in the playoffs, but us. Oddly enough this team is too many points behind the top of the table to win a league title, but for some reason they have been beating teams ranked higher than them in the playoffs. There is something to say about underdogs playing when they feel no pressure; that’s for sure. During our game we lost our top defender about 30 minutes into the game from a red card, but that didn’t faze us because everyone knew our end goal which was to do whatever it took to win the game. It was a battle, but our entire team had to step up and give a little bit extra in order to walk away with the victory. In my opinion it was ranked amongst the top 3 sweetest victories all season long. Check out a video I put together of our team’s quest to winning Ramat Hasharon’s first Championship title.

We have three more playoff games, but must win two to secure the title. Our team has dealt with multiple injuries throughout the season, have gone through two red cards and have lost two valuable players for important matches, but have been able to rise to the occasion. For now we must focus on the task ahead of us and not lose sight of the love of the game. I personally have the most fun on the field when I play free and remember that soccer is just a game.

For a week, Israelis celebrate the Passover which is remembering when their people were once exiled from their country over 3000 years ago and finally returned back to their home land. I am happy to be a part of celebrating this holiday to learn more about the history behind this beautiful country. It just makes me appreciate the finer things in life now like family, friends, good health and a roof over my head. 

Although things are not perfect in the world, I am free.





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