Home for the March Break: Toronto, Ontario

I must say it’s never easy being away from home for months at a time, but whenever I get the opportunity to come home for a quick visit I definitely embrace every moment of it. Below are some of the amazing times I spent in Canada during March Break.

  1. Ballers Bistro

For those of you who don’t know, this is a restaurant/bar where you can play ‘pool soccer.’ Imagine following the rules of pool, but instead using your feet rather than your hands. It’s pretty much soccer heaven for any soccer player. I was happy to invite out some of my good friends from the Canadian National Team; Kadeisha Buchanan, Ashley Lawrence and Nichelle Prince. We all had an amazing time and let’s just say the non soccer players managed to shine. This experience was definitely one of my top moments spent in Canada.

2. CN Tower and dinner on the 18th floor of Park Hyatt hotel in Toronto with my boyfriend.

This was amongst my top moments while being in Canada because I got to spend time in the best city in Canada with an incredible man. We went to the CN Tower, which is currently the tallest freestanding structure in the western hemisphere and the 7th largest in the world. It stands at 1,815.4 feet and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai currently holds the world’s record of the highest freestanding structure standing at 2,722 feet tall. It was nice to revisit the glass floor and skypod in the CN Tower. For those of you who don’t know, the skypod is one of the highest observation platforms in the world.

3. Going out to dinner with my mother, sister, aunt and my second cousins.

We went to an amazing Indian restaurant called Bombay Bhel and had some good laughs and caught up. Nothing better than a time well spent with family.


4. Catching up and laughing with my childhood friend, Daniella.

Friends come and go, but the best ones remain in your life. Daniella and I have known each other for just over 16 years, so you can imagine how it is when we reunite after I’ve been out of the country for a while. I’m honoured to have her in my life because she is one of those friends who I trust with my heart to be there and give me advice when I need it the most. A true friend is someone who can tell you when you are being a complete idiot, whipe away your tears when you are upset, celebrate your successes and pat you on the back during your failures. Hold onto those type of friends in your life because they are rare. Thank you for being you Daniella.

daniella and i

5. Last but not least taking a few fun pictures for this company I work for called SportsFood Inc.

SportsFood Inc has recently created an electrolyte spray that works like a charm. The liposomal technology made in the spray acts as the delivery system of the vitamins and electrolytes absorbed in your body when you use the product. They are encapsulated to a size so small that when used it enters the system rapidly and doesn’t have to go through the GI tract. As a result, you are getting an immediate delivery of the vitamins and electrolytes. As a striker I am constantly making explosive movements on the field and my lactic acid buildup is pretty high. This product works for me because it reduces muscle cramps and helps regenerate my body keeping me hydrated. The electrolyte sprays come in mixed berry and vanilla flavours. If you are interested in purchasing them online, visit our website http://www.sportsfood.com and type in my coupon code, “TC11” to receive 20% off your purchase. I’m excited to use the spray throughout playoffs here in Israel.


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