Go Canada! Salutes to Nichelle, Ashley and Kadeisha by Tiffany Cameron

Good luck to the Canadian National Team in Houston playing in the Olympic Qualifiers. I’m excited to see where the new young talent will take Canada in the near future.

Shout outs to my little Buckeye, Nichelle Prince for finding herself back with the senior team. It took about 3 years for her to get back in the mix, but she worked her ass off back on the big stage. I’m proud of her and despite her age, she still finds ways to motivate me. I’m right behind you sweetie 😉

009 (2) - Copy

Tiffany Cameron and Nichelle Prince in China (2013).

Shout outs to my good friend Ashley Lawrence. Three goals against Guyana in the Olympic qualifiers? Well excuse me! She’s a phenomenal example for everyone around her and is another player I respect a ton. I remember the first year we were both with the senior national team and I was thinking to myself damn this girl is good why isn’t she playing much? Well after a year with the squad she just blew up out of no where and now she has found herself being a consistent starter. Hard work pays off!

Ashley and I

Tiffany Cameron and Ashley Lawrence in Toronto (2013).


Hahaha onto this joker I know Kadeisha Buchanan.  A player straight out of Brams United that has managed to drop jaws. I salute her and I think she is one of the most humble and down to earth players I know in the spotlight. I’ll never forget when we were roommates for a National team camp in China for the first time and we were never roommates again because we were so damn loud! Hahaha! Can’t wait to do our dance one day on the field!

me and keish

Tiffany Cameron and Kadeisha Buchanan in Toronto (2013).

Sometimes during the journey to the top players experience self confidence issues, injuries, bench warming or face other barriers. The most important thing is believing in your capabilities. Outside voices telling you that you can’t do something should just be the fuel to your fire. After getting to know these girls on a personal level, they too have gone through at least one of these barriers and have managed to overcome them.

As for myself. I’ve been through some ups and downs throughout my career, but this year has started off with a bang for me and it’s about to get a hell of a lot more interesting. Stay tuned! I’m about to Missy Elliot ya’ll real soon! EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!



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