Expect the unexpected

We finally wrapped up the first segment of season with a record of 7-1-1. We stand two points behind the first place team. Five days ago, we beat them 1-0 concluding the first portion of season. I had a moment on the field that I will never forget. There were 10 minutes left in the game and I missed an opportunity that I would normally capitalize on. Right after, I put my hands on my head and looked up to the sky thinking, “What the hell Tiffany, you should have kept it simple and not tried to be fancy.” Literally 5 seconds after I gave myself grief, I just smiled. I reminded myself that I can’t always score every opportunity that presents itself and that there was still time left in the match to correct my mistake. I smiled for a good 3 minutes on the field after my missed opportunity and one of my teammates who recently broke her leg yelled from the sidelines, “That’s right Tiffany, smile.” It’s not how we fail it is how we respond to it. Let’s just say I was able to score the winning goal with 5 minutes left in the match and it was the first time in my life where I celebrated a goal doing a fist pump in the air.


Us in the locker room after a solid victory!

I’ve noticed that my mentality has changed tremendously throughout the past couple of games specifically. I wanted to walk into 2016 without holding back and worrying about how I was going to look if I tried something out of my comfort zone on the field; in specific exercising my weaknesses. I’m happy to say I am leading the country with 17 goals in 9 matches; 15 league goals and 2 cup goals. Some people may say well Tiff isn’t playing in the best league in the world, so it’s easy to have those statistics. On the contrary, nothing is easy in life if you don’t have the right mentality. Put me back in the NWSL and the Bundesliga and I guarantee you people will notice the significant change in my game for the better. I may not score half the goals I’ve scored here, but I damn sure would do a lot more than I did in 2013 and 2014. I’m just waiting for my opportunity and believe it will come soon. You aren’t really hungry until the food you love eating the most is taken away from you. In simpler terms, things won’t always go how you want them and life is about adjusting and pushing yourself to be better. Sometimes you have to take a few steps back to move forward again. How badly do I really want it? Well, wait and see.


The moral of this blog post is when life gets challenging, just smile and appreciate the good things. Utilize your strengths, embrace your weaknesses and find your purpose in life. Everyone is blessed with a gift. Share your gift with others and be the best you can be. Don’t sell yourself short! Welcome to 2016 and enjoy some of my personal highlights along with my team highlights from this season so far.


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