A recap of December In Israel

The last month of 2015 has been very eventful. I’ve learned some interesting new things about Israel and traveled to a few beautiful cities. This year was my first Christmas away from home and was a great one. On Christmas Day I was able to explore Tel Aviv-Yafo; an ancient city that has been around for 3000 years. One of my teammates took my roommate and I out to an amazing restaurant in Yafo called, The Old Man and the Sea. The restaurant provides their customers with over 18 different kinds of salads and an unlimited supply of delicious pita bread along with a main course. It was amazing!


After a delicious lunch we decided to watch the sunset, then walk around and see what cool things were in the Christmas market and jam to a live band there.


My mission was to leave the city with a Santa hat.

Another amazing experience to top off my weekend was traveling to Haifa to see the Baha’i Gardens and to Tarshiha to have a nice Christmas dinner with a few of my teammates. For those of you who don’t know, the Baha’i Gardens is amongst one of the most sacred and popular sites to visit in the Middle East. Members of the Baha’i faith come to Haifa to worship in the temple located in the heart of Haifa. This beautiful place of worship has a dome made out of 14 000 golden bricks and has nine sides representing the major religions throughout the world. Something I respect about the Bahai faith is that they accept the different religions around the world and believe that all religions come from one spiritual source; God.




Unfortunately my teammates and I didn’t get a chance to go into the temple because we had to make sure we were on time for dinner, but I will definitely be back before I leave Israel.



Lastly, the best part of this month for me personally was when my other half from Canada decided to visit me.  We enjoyed the beach life, some local food spots and bars in Ramat Hasharon and Tel Aviv and most importantly each others company.



In terms of soccer this month, it has been a tougher month and we finally experienced our first tie and loss of the season. On Thursday night we will play against a team we beat 2-1 in our Cup game earlier this month. I’m excited for the end of the year and looking forward to the start of a New Year. Twenty-sixteen should be a great year! Set your goals, work hard to achieve them and don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something. Just remember, not everyone is going to love you and support you. Just love and respect yourself. Distractions you experienced in 2015 won’t feel like distractions next year if you keep your eyes on the prize! Walk freely and appreciate the most important thing in life; health.

be free


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