Adventures in Israel with foreigners, Tiffany Cameron and Nicole McClure

Check out the video below to see how I spent the last two weeks with my new roommate, Nicole McClure and some of my teammates.

I must say out of all the memories from the past two weeks, my beach adventure with my roommate and our friend from Ramat Hasharon’s second team was the most entertaining. It all started when our lovely team manager gave me an address written in Hebrew. Apparently the beach is only 7 minutes away from where we live, but the address given said 25 minutes away. We figured maybe she gave us a different beach address, so we decided to just let Siri guide us= BIG MISTAKE! We ended up in two different cities and we stopped to ask a few people for directions. One man offered to hop into our car and guide us to the beach but we figured we rather not end up chopped up in a bush in Israel. We quickly left and drove through a religious residence and noticed that every corner we turned there was a person crouched on the sidewalk. Of course Siri didn’t know we weren’t supposed to drive through this area, but we were lucky enough to get away with it.

At this point we were all getting flustered, so I put the name of our city into my phone’s GPS and we made it back to our apartment. We got home an hour and a half later and I managed to talk my friends into still going to the beach. Our other team manager guided us half way on his bike and told us where to go and of course we ended up getting lost again. We met back up with him and he laughed at us and brought us to the beach. An adventure it was, but I’m glad we ended up going because we all had a blast!

lol oh man

Last week we won our first season game 3-0, and today we play our second match later on this evening. It has been an amazing time so far with my teammates and I’m looking forward to the remainder of the time I am here.

A special Happy Belated Birthday shout out to my teammate, Nicole McClure 🙂


Work hard, laugh and cherish every moment as if it were your last! Until next week folks!


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