Where did Tiffany Cameron run off to now?

Guess who’s back and somewhere new!! I have to apologize for my absence. I went back to Canada for a month and a half to visit my friends and family and I got quite caught up in my daily activities. You might be wondering what part of the world I’m in now. Keep reading and find out 🙂


One of my college teammates, Karin Sendel, saw that my previous team got eliminated from Champions League and told me her team could use a striker and her coach was keeping tabs on me. I had the choice of going home and training until an opportunity came up next year when the transfer window reopens in January or reuniting with my college teammate who I connected well with on the field. Of course I chose the second option. Hello Isreal!


Who would have thought I would ever visit the holy land? Let me just say it is absolutely gorgeous! Yes, it may not be the safest place to live in the world and I may have to walk through a medal detector before I enter a train station or a mall (true story), but I’m staying in a great location and I am happy. Sometimes you have to live a little and experience new things to truly be appreciative of what you already have.

Meeting my teammates for the first time last Thursday was awesome and they surprised me with some cake and snacks after my first practice. I am definitely looking forward to getting to know everyone better. They seem like a great group of girls!


This weekend I was able to kick it with a famous Israeli actress, Sharin Sendel. She made a wonderful feast for me, her sister and friend and took us out to experience the nightlife. Let’s just say it was an awesome birthday weekend for me. I quickly learned that Sharin and her friend were quite the singers. I’m hoping to hit up the studio with them before I leave. If it happens, be expecting something great!


Until next week folks! Oh and I must add….GO JAYS GO!! Let’s pull one out of our asses again and tie back up the series! *looks around the room*



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