Welcome Taylor Cameau from the Portland Thorns and Cecilia Santiago from the Mexican National Team to Apollon Ladies FC!

This past week with my new roommates has been amazing and they definitely have spiced up things. We experienced an attack of a cockroach, an exhibition game against boys, beach adventures, a team picnic in the mountains, karaoke and Cyprus nightlife.

Let me start off with an entertaining story about the first day Taylor arrived in Cyprus. We were having a nice chat in the kitchen and all of a sudden I saw something huge from the corner of my eye that turned out to be a mama cockroach. I have never seen an insect this big in my life, so of course I screamed. On previous occasions I’ve witnessed mini cockroaches, but this one was the Queen B! Taylor and I decided to plan an attack not knowing that the mama cockroach was scheming too. In a matter of seconds it flew from the wall onto Taylor’s back and we both screamed and ran out of the room. The disgusting thing crawled after me and I slammed the sliding door that led to our bedrooms so hard. At this point Taylor and I were on either side of the door and I was pretty sure the cockroach was hiding between the cracks. We opened the sliding door preparing to attack the cockroach and it appeared that I killed it. Thank goodness! Well let’s just say after that I have killed three! Disgusting! Click on the video below for a good laugh.

As seen from a section in the video above, I had an amazing time with my teammates up in the mountains. Sometimes it’s nice to be in the middle of nowhere for a few hours with good company and reflect on life. When the DJ came out a few of us practically took over the section. It was hilarious and a great time. I love the comradery of our team and believe that it has helped us overcome adversity on the field in our exhibition games against boys. These games have been great tests to see where we are as a team and have helped better prepare us for our upcoming Champions League games next week.

This past weekend we played against the U-15 Apollon boys’ academy first team and came away with a victory. I came off around the 75th minute and took off my shin guards thinking I was done for the day. It turned out I had to go back into the game due to a player being dehydrated and I stepped onto the field and realized I didn’t have on my shin guards. My coach kept yelling for me to go on and I looked at him with a straight face and said, “If you’re okay with me playing without shin guards I’ll go on.” He quickly grabbed me back to get my shin guards and we had a little chuckle about it. I’m glad I went back on though because I scored another goal with two minutes left. Everything happens for a reason!

To end on a fun note, I experienced reggae night in the most popular club in Cyprus called Guaba. It was ranked the number 14th best club in the world in 2014. It felt like we were walking into a jungle! Although we went early at a time when there were barely any people there, in my opinion it was one of the most interesting clubs I’ve ever walked into and I will definitely go back!



Until next Monday folks! Have a great rest of your week!


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