Work hard and put your feet up later

Playing the beautiful game of soccer has allowed me to explore the unique cultures around the world and has enabled me to see the world through a different light. I have to admit, Cyprus is one of the most fascinating countries I have traveled to. From the beautiful scenery, to the friendly people, fantastic food, style of play on the pitch and entertaining nightlife; I can’t really ask for much more. Last week was quite an interesting one.

1. I scored the game winning goal against U-17 boys with a minute left. There is no better feeling than winning last minute especially when your team has left it all out on the field and played well overall. I’m excited to see how our team does in Champions League in August.

Monica Mendes and I after our third exhibition game with Apollon Ladies FC

Monica Mendes and I after our third exhibition game with Apollon Ladies FC

2. I experienced the nightlife in Cyprus with a few of my team mates. I think a hard week of training and a 1-0 win over boys is rightfully deserving of a fun night out with the girls. Let’s just say what happens with Apollon Ladies stays with Apollon Ladies.


3. There’s a popular Greek song that everyone loves down here that has rubbed off on me big time! My mission before I leave Cyprus is to learn at least the chorus and try my best not to sound like an idiot singing it. The song is about a man who sees a woman at a club and apparently falls in love with her (Romeo and Juliet type stuff). He needs a little ‘liquid courage’ to walk up to the woman and tell her how he feels. Some men are successful with approaching a female while drunk and others get a slap to the face. Luckily for homeboy below he gets what he wants.


4. I got retweeted by my favourite R&B singer/future husband Tyrese Gibson. If you haven’t listened to his new album, Black Rose, get it now. It’s amazing!


5. Coming across this picture last week, motivated me big time. Having this mentality allows me to never be complacent on the field. If I want to be recognized it starts with being more than average. It’s being World class. What motivates you?




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