What in the world did I just see?

Time to switch things up and give you all the inside scoop of the interesting things I’ve seen and experienced in Cyprus this week from most ridiculous to least.

#1. Everyone gets a little desperate in life, but this was the most dangerous/ ridiculous thing I saw all week in Cyprus. It all happened so fast and I was unable to get a picture, but my beautiful artwork somewhat does it justice. My number one spot goes to the hitchhiker that decided it was a good idea to stand in the merging lane on the highway with a backpack and a bouquet of flowers.

Hitchhiking idiot

#2- At some point in life you will come across an insect that makes you cringe. I killed my first cockroach a few days ago and nearly passed out. They’re too fast for my liking. It was late at night and I saw one crawling and squished it with a box. The next morning I tilted the box to find a bunch of brown ants crawling out of it. No words could describe my facial expression so below is a replica.


#3- My team received some pretty purple practice uniforms last week and on the tag of our shorts had quite the message. I’m glad to see Cypriots have great senses of humour. This goes out to all of the hardworking mothers in the world who love to do laundry!


#4- My number four goes to this ridiculously good chicken souvlaki pita. In Greek they call it σουβλάκι κοτόπουλο πίτα or giros kotopoulo. Inside we have some juicy chicken, fries, onions, tomatoes, ketchup, olive oil, black pepper, salt and oregano. If you ever decide to visit Cyprus make sure you get one before you leave.


#5- My number five goes to my awesome team mate, Monica Mendes. Yesterday we went bowling and she was riding the struggle bus. It was a bumpy ride I must say. She got her ass whooped, but was a great sport about it. Love ya girl!

monica and i

Another shout out goes to my other team mate, Kiki, who is a professional bowler on the down low. She’s the one below on the far right. She made us all look like idiots.

Good times in the bowling alley with the girls #ApollonLadiesFC

Good times in the bowling alley with the girls #ApollonLadiesFC

There it is folks! My week in a nutshell! Stay tuned next Monday and remember, life is what you make of it. Don’t be boring…live a little!


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