Fear or not to fear? That is the question….

If you’re afraid of making mistakes and hide in life because of that, you will never show your true value to others. You will either be the topic of what could have been or known as that person who didn’t work hard enough. Why did I name my blog page, The Trigger? To me it’s like holding a machine gun and going through an infinite round of bullets. It’s quite a cynical way of viewing things, but when you have the power to be something amazing and lethal why not unleash the beast (in a positive way of course)?

Tiffany Cameron enjoying the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea

Tiffany Cameron enjoying the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea

My first week of training with Apollon Ladies FC was amazing. It felt great to be back on the field and a part of a talented group of players again. The past year I’ve grown both physically and mentally and have developed more of a presence and confidence on the field. I’m no longer afraid to make mistakes. I no longer try and play someone else’s game completely and lose track of what makes me special on the field. I balance the two and play as a free spirit. That is who I am and that is how I will stand out this year and in the near future.

A few of our foreigners and I after 6 a.m training.

Myself and a few of our foreigners after 6 a.m training.

Last Saturday we had our first exhibition game against boys and I managed to put three in the back of the net and as a team we whooped some behind and scored 5 more goals. Keep up the good work ladies! It’s true when they say every experience is different and every experience is what you make of it. Shout outs to my Apollon Ladies and our training staff for making my experience home away from home so far. You all have made my transition smooth.

Apollon Ladies FC: Before training

 Lastly, I’ll leave you with one thing to think about…Will you pull the trigger this week or sweat behind it?



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