Finally Arrived in Cyprus!

I must admit I had quite a bit of time to re-evaluate my soccer career the past year and I have come to realization that I want way more. The Ohio State Tiffany was great and so was the Tiffany who represented her country at one point, but it’s time to be even better and leave a permanent mark.

wish 1

Some people spend all of their lives looking into the mirror unable to recognize what they see. Some people look into the mirror and imagine greatness and others actually perceive it. The most important thing in life I have learned is finding your purpose in life and believing in your capabilities despite what others may think of you. Excuses are for people who haven’t tried hard enough. Don’t get me wrong, I have made excuses in my life and for those reasons I have let myself down. It’s time for change, so I welcome you to walk with me on my journey both on and off the soccer field.

This summer I will be playing in Limassol, Cyprus for Apollon Ladies Fc.  I am excited to say that this will be my first experience participating in the UEFA Women’s Champions League with them and it won’t be my last!

For those of you who don’t know I write and record my own music. Feel free to click on the motivational song below I made to get a closer idea for what I stand for.


One comment

  1. gc · July 20, 2015

    “Stay On Your Grind” is what you told me and it is something I still tell myself and others 🙂


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